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Tax Advisory

Woodman White & Associates provides Tax Advisory services to its clients and potential clients dealing with many topics as may be required by the client. Such topics include: the incorporation of business services, reorganization of existing corporations to resolve issues being experienced or anticipated in current corporate structures and events such as transitioning to a new generation of ownership, transition to support eventual sale of an operating business while retaining the facilities for ongoing retirement or semi-retirement income and others, providing tax audit assistance, or even filing simple income tax. Please contact Woodman White & Associates to begin discussions should you be in need of such tax advisory services.

Our team of professionals at Woodman White & Associates is fully conversant with the intricacies of reorganizations of your current business structure to facilitate transitioning or sale. We would be pleased to meet to discuss your needs in this area and to provide insight into the intricacies of the steps necessary to accomplish your requirements. Please contact us to begin discussions should you be in need of such reorganization services.
At Woodman White & Associates our professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of Canadian Income Tax legislation. We prepare tax filings in all areas of personal taxation, corporate taxation, estate taxation, partnership filings and tax elections. Let us assist you with your income tax filing needs.
Our professionals at Woodman White & Associates have significant experience in assisting our clientele with the challenges and solutions in achieving inter-generational transfer of your business, from the initial foray into the jungle of detail to the provision of detailed instructional correspondence with the family’s, or business legal counsel, and review of draft documentation in order to ensure that the documents support both the wishes of our client and resolve the issue dealing with Canada Revenue Agency through the transaction(s).

At Woodman White & Associates, we regularly assist our clients and others in dealing with representatives or Canada Revenue Agency who are performing an audit or review on their income tax returns or GST filings. Please contact us today if you require our assistance.

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